Student Facilities


The Library of the Law is one of the best law libraries in the entire South India having a good collection of law journals, text books, reports, commentaries and theses. All the leading journals like the All India Reporter, Supreme Court Cases, Journal of Indian Law Institute and Indian Bar Review are subscribed regularly in the library. Foreign Journals like All England Reports, Cambridge Law Journal, Harvard Law Review and Modern Law Review are subscribed in the Main Library of the University.

Seminar Hall

The college has a seminar hall with a capacity of 125 seating facility and it is equipped with Air conditioning, Audio system with mounted LCD Projector for making power point presentations. The hall was constructed in the year 2007 with the generous donations made by Sri. A. Narsimha Reddy, Advocate and presently the Chairman of Bar Council of A.P. The interiors along with the modern commodities were sponsored by P. Babul Reddy Foundation, Hyderabad.

E-Class Room

The college has two E-Class rooms with a capacity of 60 seating facility and it is equipted with Air conditioning, Audio system with mounted LCD Projector for making power point presentation. The E-Class room was constructed in the 2019 with the generous donations made by UGC-SAP-DRS-I and another with the generous donations made by RUSA 2.0, Osmania University, Hyderabad.

Moot Court Hall

The college has a moot court hall essential for training the student mooters. It has all the required facilities that are available in a court of law. About 50 students can witness the moot court proceedings at a time.


1. SC/ST/LBC Scholarships: The students belonging to SC/ST/BC are awarded Scholarships by the Director of Social Welfare and Director of Tribal Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh. The scholarships are sanctioned on the basis of Caste scholarships are sanctioned on the basis of Caste Certificate and the Income limit as laid down by the Government of A.P. from time to time. The scholarship holders are required to put in not less than 75% of attendance for award of scholarship.

2. Economically Poor People Scholarship: This scholarship is sanctioned to the students on the basis of their poverty. They are not exempted from payment of fee, they will be paid Rs.250/- per month during the course of study.


Limited Hostel facility is provided to the students of University Colleges. Hence the hostel accommodation is not guaranteed.

Hostel facilities are provided to the students of University College of Law who hail from district places. The ‘E’ Hostel caters to the needs of LL.B. students. It is managed by 3 wardens. The messes are situated near the hostels with the facilities for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The Guest and substitution system is strictly prohibited.

Railway Concessions

1. Railway Concessions forms are issued to the Bonafide students for going to their native-home town during the vacations only.

2. Railway concessions will not be issued during the working days of the college unless it is declared as vacation.

3. Misuse of concession ticket or allowing another person to use the same is strictly prohibited rendering the user liable for prosecution and other penal action.

The term Home connotes: Native place of the students or the place where the parents or guardians of the students normally reside or the place where either of the parents or guardian of the student resides at the relevant time.


The College is situated in Campus and do not possess independent playground. Moreover facilities for various outdoor games like Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Handball, Hockey, Basket Ball, Athletics etc. are provided at the University playgrounds. College students have shown keen interest in sports and have represented University and the State in different tournaments. The college also provides for indoor games like table tennis, carom and chess.

National Service Scheme

The College is running a N.S.S. Unit. There is an advisory committee consisting of Principal, Programme Officer and Members of teaching staff. The N.S.S. unit conducts its regular activities such as planting of trees leveling the ground by filling up ditches, removing wall posters from the college walls etc. The N.S.S. Unit also organizes special camps, educating the rural masses in various branches of law.

Programme Officer: Sri. N. Ram Prasad (Asst. Professor)

Career & Guidance

The College has established a Placement Cell and appointed a placement officer who shall take care of all the placements. Till now more than students have been placed in various firms such as law firms, LPO’s, BPO’s and Senior High Court Advocates Offices.